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Commercial inspections

  • New construction
  • Remodeling
  • Existing buildings
  • ADA evaluations and transition plans - compliance with the accessibility code

Residential Inspections

  • New construction
  • Footing- Before concrete is placed
  • Rough – Pre Insulation
  • Insulation- Pre Drywall
  • Final- Before Local issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy
  • DET verification – Duct and Envelope Testing (with a blower door assembly)
  • Remodeling
  • Inspection
  • Consulting

Existing buildings

• Plan review & construction

• Maintenance evaluations and priority lists Plan review & construction

•Consulting New construction

•Remodeling Inspection and consulting

•Project monitoring ADA Evaluations –

•Design and repair consulting

•Transition Plans Mold testing assessment and evaluation

•Radon Testing

Professional Test kits available for purchase with all lab fees included

We have the professional charcoal test kits available for purchase with all lab fees included for 40 dollars you just need to cover postage to the Lab.

•Mold Inspections and scope of work for remediation

•Lead Testing (Limited)

•Asbestos Testing (Limited)

•Energy Audits

•Fire Inspections

•Fire Sprinkler Systems

•Playground equipment design and inspection

•Expert Witness evaluation and Testimony

•Training – Personalized training for code test preparation and code changes


  • Condos starting at 275.00
  • Townhouses starting at 300.00
  • Houses up to 2500 square feet starting at 350.00
  • Houses 5,000 square feet starting at 500.00
  • Radon 200.00
  • Mold tests per sample 150.00
  • Allergic testing 160.00 (minimum of 2 one composite and one specific)
  • Size, Basements, crawl spaces, Age and location will affect final cost.
  • We do offer discounts for multiple services.
  • Charcoal Radon test 40.00 (does not include postage or delivery)
  • Residential & Commercial

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