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 Michael Nier Certifications:

  •  ICC Certified; Master Code Professional - MCP
  •  ICC Certified; Certified Building Official - CBO
  •  ICC Certified; Building, Electrical, Housing, Mechanical, Plumbing Code Specialist
  •  ICC Certified; Accessibility Inspector/ Plans Examiner
  •  ICC Certified; Fire Inspector 1
  •  ICC Certified; Fire Inspector 2
  •  ICC Certified; Certified Combination Inspector
  •  ICC Certified; Certified Commercial Combination Inspector
  •  ICC Certified; Certified Residential Combination Inspector
  •  ICC Certified; Certified Combination Plans Examiner
  •  ICC Certified; Certified Residential Plans Examiner
  •  ICC Certified; Commercial Energy Inspector
  •  ICC Certified; Commercial Energy Plans Examiner
  •  ICC Certified Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner
  •  Residential Fire Sprinkler Inspector / Plans Examiner
  •  ICCCertified; Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector
  •  Advanced Mold training Certification through Environmental Solutions Association
  •      CMI & CMA # 11291
  •  Certification in Mold Inspection and Reporting through Pro-Lab Laboratories
  •  Certification in Mold Inspection and Reporting from The National Academy for Home Inspections
  •  ICC Certified; Residential Building Contractor C
  •  Certified Duct and Envelope Tightness (DET) Verifier by Georgia’s DCA & Southface Institute in Georgia

Specialties Include:

- Inspections of commercial properties including; Day care centers, Business office buildings, automotive repair shops, Mercantile centers, a Bakery,

   Hospitals and several medical facilities.

- ADA compliance inspections on several shopping plazas and businesses including a large international corporation concerning an employee complaint

Created transition plans for implementing ADA compliance

- Inspections of re-sale homes on single family houses and townhouses.

- "Phase inspections" on commercial properties and residential projects under construction

- Inspections for builders and remodelers on investment properties

- EXPERT WITNESS for arbitration cases including new construction, property maintenance and ADA cases.

- Preform Plan Review for residential and commercial construction

- Mold inspections and work plans for remediation

- Radon testing

Chris Lee Certifications:

· ICC Certified Combination Residential Inspector

· ICC Certified Residential Building Inspector

· ICC Certified Electrical Inspector

· ICC Certified Plumbing Inspector

· ICC Certified HVAC Inspector

· ICC Certified Commercial Plumbing Inspector

· ICC Certified Commercial Mechanical Inspector

· ICC Certified Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector

· Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission certified – Level 1A & Level 1B(current)

· GEMA NKPA 472 – Hazardous Material Awareness

· ICC Certification – Mold and Abatement Identification

· Moisture Management Control certificate

· ICC certificate for Residential Electrical Principles and Code Applications

· UL University Certificate of Fire Awareness

· DOT certified

· GAHBA certificate – Preventing Mold through High Performance Construction

· GAHBA certificate – Georgia’s New Residential Energy Code

· GA Plumbers Trade Association – Framing Provisions of the 2003 CABO Code

· FEMA Certification – Elevation Certificate and Map Studies

Specialties Include:

  • On-site inspections of both commercial and residential buildings
  • Implemented and refined the "Apartment sweeps program" (AKA Multi-family Evaluation Program) to evaluate the exterior of multifamily complexes              and bring them into compliance with the International Property Maintenance Code which consisted of:
  • Field Inspection of exteriors of Apartment Complexes
  • Complied reports from field notes generated by inspection teams
  • Met with the management to discuss report findings
  • Worked with complexes on re-inspections and compliance
  • Third Party Interior evaluations - Reviewed qualifications, received documented reports, complied records of interior Inspections and discussed                 findings or issues with inspectors.